USFL Power Rankings – A Closer Look at Week 6

The South Division currently reigns in the USFL, maintaining dominance through week six. As we dive into the latest USFL power rankings, it becomes apparent that this Division, with all teams holding at least a .500 record, has managed to command the USFL landscape.

South Division Holds the Top Spots in the USFL Power Rankings

This week’s USFL power rankings find the South Division teams in the top four positions. These teams, including the defending champion Birmingham, are impressively holding a 4-2 record. This divisional prowess is setting the stage for a spectacular weekend, teeming with matchups that could drastically impact the upcoming playoffs.

Teams Dominating the USFL Power Rankings

1. The Houston Gamblers: Unstoppable Force

Ranked first in the USFL power rankings, the Houston Gamblers are showing consistent strength. They stand at 4-2 and defeated New Jersey in their previous game. The team, under Curtis Johnson’s guidance, is on a winning streak, with Mark Thompson contributing significantly. Additionally, quarterback Kenji Bahar’s improved performance and his connection with Justin Hall have significantly empowered Houston’s offensive strategy. The team is also benefiting from Chris Wilson’s defensive tactics, making them a formidable contender.

For the upcoming Week 7, Houston Gamblers are facing Memphis, to be broadcasted on Sunday at 2:30 p.m. ET. You can watch the game here on FuboTV for Free.

2. Memphis Showboats: Sailing Strong

Coming next in the USFL power rankings are the Memphis Showboats, who have demonstrated their power in their shutout victory against Pittsburgh. Their defensive unit has shown significant improvement since the beginning of the season, providing strong support to the team. Derrick Dillon’s 109-yard run to the end zone was a notable highlight of their last game, marking the longest-scoring play in USFL history.

The Showboats’ next game is against Houston, scheduled for Sunday at 2:30 p.m. ET. Don’t forget to watch it here on FuboTV for Free.

3. Birmingham Stallions: Charging Ahead

The Birmingham Stallions stand third in our USFL power rankings, marking their return to the winning streak after defeating the Michigan Panthers. Quarterback Alex McGough has demonstrated great command over the offense under coach Skip Holtz’s guidance. Along with McGough’s commendable performance, CJ Marable, the Stallions’ running back, also made a significant contribution to their win.

4. New Orleans Breakers: Facing Turbulence

Next in line on our USFL power rankings are the New Orleans Breakers. Despite their loss to Philadelphia, which saw a combination of 24 penalties for 238 yards, the Breakers show potential.

Their performance seems to be faltering towards the fourth quarter of the games, a departure from their reputation as strong finishers. However, their quarterback, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, shows promise with a decent performance. Also noteworthy is running back Wes Hills’ consistent productivity, leading the league in rushing attempts and catches over the past four weeks.

Their upcoming Week 7 game against Birmingham promises to be exciting, scheduled for Saturday at 4 p.m. ET. Make sure to watch it here on FuboTV for Free.

Other Teams in the USFL Power Rankings

5. Philadelphia Stars: Rising in the North

The Philadelphia Stars are holding their ground in the North division, despite their win over New Orleans being marred by penalties. Amani Dennis, in particular, performed exceptionally against the Breakers. Philadelphia’s strategy of prioritizing defense has yielded results, despite limited offensive touchdowns. Their upcoming game is against Pittsburgh on Saturday at 9 p.m. ET, which you can catch here on FuboTV for Free.

6.+7. New Jersey Generals and Pittsburgh Maulers: Potential Contenders

Despite a few setbacks, the New Jersey Generals and the Pittsburgh Maulers show potential in the USFL power rankings. The Generals’ switch at the quarterback position seems to have started showing results. On the other hand, Maulers need to up their offensive game while capitalizing on their defensive strengths.

The Generals and Maulers have their respective games against Michigan and Philadelphia on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. ET and Saturday at 9 p.m. ET. Both matches are available for viewing here on FuboTV for Free.

8. Michigan Panthers: Searching for a Victory

Michigan Panthers, holding an 8th position in the USFL power rankings, have their defense led by Frank Ginda, who tied the modern USFL record with 18 tackles in the last game. However, their quest for an offensive playmaker continues. They face New Jersey in Week 7, which can be streamed here on FuboTV for Free on Sunday at 5.

Who is the best USFL team?

Currently, the Houston Gamblers top our USFL power rankings and are considered the best team in the league.

Is the USFL semi-pro?

No, the United States Football League (USFL) is not a semi-pro league. It is a professional American football minor league that began its play on April 16, 2022.

What USFL team is undefeated?

No team remains undefeated currently in the USFL.

What is the top salary in the USFL?

In 2023, players can reportedly earn a maximum annual salary of $74,000. This amount includes a $400 weekly stipend and is based on the assumption that the player is active for all regular-season and playoff games, and their team wins the 2023 USFL championship. Learn more here: How Much Do USFL Players Make?

Which is better, USFL or NFL?

The NFL (National Football League) is the premier American football organization globally, and it’s considered the gold standard in professional football. While the USFL (United States Football League) is also a professional league, it is considered a minor league compared to the NFL. The NFL has more resources, better player compensation, and a larger fan base.

The USFL competes not just with the NFL, but also with other leagues like the CFL (Canadian Football League) and XFL (Extreme Football League). Therefore, in terms of resources, reach, and reputation, the NFL is currently considered superior to the USFL.

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