How Much Does Mike Pereira Make

How Much Does Mike Pereira Make?

Mike Pereira, a recognized name in the realm of football officiating, has had a notable career trajectory leading him to be the rules analyst for FOX Sports. His vast experience and technical understanding of the game’s rules make him a crucial figure for fans trying to decipher referee decisions on the field. Continue reading to learn more about “How Much Does Mike Pereira Make?”

Mike Pereira Salary Officiating

Pereira’s officiating career traces back to 1982 in the Big West Conference. He had a brief tenure on the NFL field for two years before being promoted to Supervisor of Officiating in 1998, later becoming the Director of Officiating for the NFL in 2001, and finally the Vice President of NFL Officiating in 2004. He worked in this role for five years before retiring from the NFL in 2009.

Pereira’s deep insights into the officiating system were soon recognized by the media. Post-retirement, he joined FOX Sports as a rules analyst, beginning in 2010, making regular appearances on the NFL Total Access show. Pereira’s unique role as a rules analyst, a concept relatively new at the time, immediately resonated with audiences, leading to an expansion of this position across broadcasts.

Mike Pereira USFL

Recently, Pereira has been lending his officiating expertise to start-up football leagues. He worked as an officiating consultant for the Alliance of American Football in 2019 and currently serves as the Head of Officiating for the United States Football League (USFL). Pereira recently spoke about the league’s rule changes for its 2023 season, aiming to enhance game dynamics and safety.

So, How Much Does Mike Pereira Make?

Now to answer the question – how much does Mike Pereira make? Although the exact figure remains undisclosed, CBS’ rules analyst, Gene Steratore reportedly earns around $95,000 annually. Given Pereira’s reputation and expertise, his salary is expected to be in a similar range.

Mike Pereira’s Net Worth

On a broader scale, considering Pereira’s long-standing career, his net worth stands at an impressive $15 million as of the latest records. His diverse career contributions, from being an on-field official to a rules analyst, have significantly contributed to his net worth.

Whether it’s about Mike Pereira’s salary or the broader question of how much does Mike Pereira make, it’s safe to say that his financial success is a testament to his remarkable career and indispensable contributions to the game of football. 

FAQs About How Much Does Mike Pereira Make

What is Gene Steratore’s annual earnings? 

Reports suggest that Gene Steratore, serving as CBS’ rules analyst, makes approximately $95,000 per year.

What is Mike Pereira’s nationality?

Mike Pereira is an American national.

How much does Dean Blandino earn?

Dean Blandino’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, although some sources place it up to $5 million. He is the Managing Editor at Pro Football Network and a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA).

Is Mike Pereira married?

Yes, Mike Pereira is married to Gail Pereira.

What is the highest NFL referee salary?

While the NFL doesn’t disclose referees’ salaries, Sporting News reports that the highest-paid NFL referees earn around $250,000 per year. On average, NFL referees make about $205,000 annually.

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